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Why self publish?

Self publishing is a relatively quick, reasonably priced method of getting a literary
work professionally published.  Westview Publishing is a Print On Demand (POD)
publisher.  This means that authors pay for only the services they need, and they pay
for books only as they need them.  Authors need not pay up-front for – or store – a
large number of copies of a work just in order to purchase books at a reasonable price.  
In Print On Demand (POD), after an initial set-up fee and processing period, books are
ordered, printed, and paid for only as needed.  

Many authors initially make the decision to self-publish because self-publishing allows
them to retain all rights to their works while benefiting from a larger percentage of the
proceeds.   They find that the benefits of self-publishing are well worth the cost of
getting their book into print, and are willing to take on the responsibility for
advertising and sales in exchange for these benefits.  

Other times, a writer will decide to self publish because their need is for only a limited
number of copies of a work – for gifts, advance copies, or for a class, for instance –
and the author would like their books back quickly, reasonably, and professionally
produced.   Still other writers decide to self publish only after having tried traditional
routes, perhaps after discovering their work does not meet any given publisher's
requirements or needs.  Whatever
your reason, Westview is here for you.  
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