Smithson Buchi
  About the Book Heroism of Hope for Africa:
  Patriotic Poems on the Dawn of a New Era

  6x9, 220 Pages
  Case Laminate
  ISBN: 978-1-937763-11-4 $29.95

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  ISBN: 978-1-937763-12-1 $14.94

This is a very compelling collection that is guaranteed to capture
and sustain the attention of all consumers and connoisseurs of
poetry, especially those with emotional investments in Africa.

Someone once said that poets do not possess words but are
possessed by words.
Heroism of Hope for Africa is a product of
fecund inspiration, the work of a poet dedicated to his art and its
socio-political possibilities. Ahiabuike’s poetry is fresh, natural,
and mellifluous, grounded in a unique craft that relies on the
power of intuition and shuns the blind spots of visible verities.
The imagery of these poems is at once vivid and deeply layered,
truthfully grim and hopeful. And the social commitment of
Ahiabuike’s verse is exemplary; it celebrates the tastes, smells,
peoples, flavors, and futures of the land of his birth without
oozing the smug, hagiographical nationalism of similar literary

In Nigeria’s immense promise, landscapes, peoples, cultures,
aspirations, values, and in the diversity of its traditions, Ahiabuike
has constructed a poetic pastiche of beauty and patriotic
idealism. Powered by this rich repertoire of inspirational sources,
these verses come alive as one reads them, dissolving the
familiar, banal optics of lost causes and truncated dreams. In this
carefully arranged collection we see a new Nigeria emerge with
clarity and literary vigor. Ahiabuike’s triumph is in poetically
arousing and guiding our deadened senses to Africa’s possibilities
and to its counter-intuitive opportunities.

Moses Ebe Ochonu, PhD                                   
Vanderbilt University  
Nashville Tennessee, USA
About the Author

In addition to being a poet and a writer, Smithson Buchi Ahiabuike, MD went to Medical
School at University of Nigeria College of Medicine, Enugu, completed his postgraduate
medical education in the United States, and is an internist practicing Hospitalist Medicine in
the US.  He is married to Chinyere Hope Ezirim and they are blessed with four children.
They live in Rainbow City, Alabama.

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