Una Marie
About INTEGRITY: A Military Perspective
by Una Marie Alderman

2005 Edition: Perfect Bound, 6.14 x 9.21 inches; 140 pages
ISBN: 0-9773179-7-8

“Without integrity, and the identity-conferring commitments
it assumes, there would be nothing to fear the loss of, not
because we are safe, but because we have nothing to lose.”
                                                   L. McFall

Given a world that has seen betrayals by religious communities, political scandals, and
questionable corporate ethics, one questions whether integrity exists, and more importantly,
what integrity is. In the pursuit to define integrity, this study posed six combat dilemmas to
recognized military leaders. These military leaders resolved the dilemmas and, in addition,
were asked questions relating to the role of compromise in integrity, the possibility of persons
having integrity in one part of their life and not in another, and still being considered persons
of integrity, and the ability of the army to maintain army core values in a postmodern world.
About the Author

Una (McGinn) Alderman was born in San Francisco,
California or Irish parents. She is a Major in the United States
Army and a Senior Director of Cardiovascular Services at the
University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN.
Una has two sons, Seth, a SGT in the Army, and Nate, a
student of history. She now lives with her husband, Dover
Alderman, in Somerset, WI. Integrity; A Military Perspective
is her first publication.

Una Marie
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