About the Book

Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years
     by Ken Anderson

2006 Edition
Perfect Bound; 238 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 1-933912-33-2

Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years summarizes plot lines of
episodes through the first four seasons of the popular television
series and adds reflections by the author on how the simple
truths expressed in each show retain their meaning, even in the
face of today’s more complex society.

The purpose of this book is really quite simple. The author
hopes that as you read each reflection you will take a few
minutes to pause and be transformed back to another time and
place. As we all know, Mayberry is a fictitious place. But the
ideals and values that were instilled in the people that lived there
are very real. They were important to the people of Mayberry,
and they should continue to be important to each and every one
of us no matter whom we may be or where we might live.
About the Author

Ken Anderson believes that it is important for today's readers to understand that the values
that were found in Mayberry are as relevant today as they were back when Mayberry first
aired. He wants to give readers some things to reflect upon as they watch the wonderful
episodes that show life as it was in Mayberry.

His published writings include short stories and articles published in the Lutheran Digest and
Family Life Today, poetry included in an anthology, Earthshine, published by Poetry Press,
and a number of articles published by various newspapers. He also has a number of poems
that were included in the anthology, A Tribute to Mayberry.

Ken resides in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with his wife, Linda. The organizer of a Mayberry
Memories Fan Club in Eau Claire, he is a faithful member of the WBMUTBB Group on the
"Ken, folks are snapping up the books right and left! We have sold out twice, and so now we start with
shipment #3. The last guest bought three books along with some gift certificates for family to stay here in '07.
Your tribute to Mayberry in the form of this book is wonderful, and is a joy to read."
                                                              The Owners of Taylor Home Inn Bed & Breakfast

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