John W.
Bailey, Jr.
About this Book

The Bailey and Schafer Journey and Heritage
     by John W. Bailey and Alice Schafer

2005 Edition: Hardbound with dust jacket; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9755646-9-2

As we have become older, we think of many things that we would
like to ask our parents and grandparents. Having this in mind, we
wrote this book with the thought and the hope that, after we are
gone, what we have written will be of interest, and hopefully
provide answers to some of the questions our family and their
descendants may have. It was also our wish to pass on to our
grandsons some of the inspiration and values that have served us
so well. We pray that this book is received in the same spirit in
which it was written.
About the Author

John grew up on a farm in central Indiana with two younger sisters and two great parents.
Work for the family was an accepted fact of life, and necessary for survival during the
difficult depression years. He credits this early work experience as the key to instilling in
him the work ethic and high energy level which have followed him throughout his life.
Following his graduation from Greenwood High School, he attended Indiana University at
Bloomington, where he received a B.S. in Business degree. He was also active in
extracurricular activities. At Indiana University, he met Alice Schafer, who later became his
wife. John and Alice were married in January 1946, while he was still serving in the
military. Two months later he was released from service and joined his father in the
Insurance Agency in Greenwood. After a successful forty-five year career as an
Independent Insurance Agent, John and Alice moved to Nashville, Tennessee to spend more
time with their son, Allan, and his family.

In 1962, John became interested in politics and became active at the local, district and state
level. He also began writing on politics and economics, an activity he still pursues. His days
are now spent reading, writing and keeping up with grandsons Michael and Stephen and
their school and athletic activities.

Alice C. Schafer Bailey, co-author, with German ancestors and parentage on both sides,
was born and grew up in Evansville, Indiana with a sister and three girl cousins living
nearby. After graduating from Bosse High School, she attended Indiana University where
she graduated from the School of Business. It was there that she met John Bailey, who
would become her husband four years later following his service in World War II. Alice and
John have been married fifty-nine years as this is written.

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