About this book

    Globally Gluten Free
                    by Nancy Baker

2005 Edition
Perfect bound;154 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9764940-8-6

Globally Gluten Free offers a selection of recipes from many parts of the world that do not
use wheat or gluten. Let it not be limited to the gluten intolerant, as this cookbook delineates
recipes and techniques that are both traditional and a fusion of the ethnic recipes and western
tendencies. For those limited in their diet, this book suggests that recipes that replicate
traditionally wheat based foods which are substandard in taste and texture are not a necessary
burden to the gluten free diet. If one looks at the broad options of cuisine available world wide
or looks at the familiar with a new eye, one's diet and enjoyment can expand greatly.

A portion of the profits from this book will benefit both the Gluten Intolerant Group and the
American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

“Nancy Baker has written a cookbook that elevates gluten-free cooking from the ‘how to
make bread’ variety to the ‘how to live and eat deliciously, simply and completely with
authentic recipes from around the world, many of which are naturally gluten-free. From
croissants to Idli, Baker shows that she is aptly named. This book will satisfy the novice cook
to the experienced chef. Globally Gluten Free will once again open the borders to cuisines
around the world for the gluten-intolerant and bring a smile to the lips of those living and
eating with them. Subscribing to the cooking principles we live by, the utilization of natural,
seasonal and wholesome foods and cooking naturally gluten-free whenever possible, Baker
has created a great resource and what is sure to be a treasured addition to one’s kitchen

Nancy Baker will be an on-going contributing author to Look for her in
on coming online cooking classes, recipes and articles!”

                              Yvonne Gifford, Editor & Chef,  

“A gluten free diet changes many dimensions of your life. To come to terms with these
changes, one must change the way they look at things. In Globally Gluten Free, Nancy Baker
gently guides the reader to change the way we look at cooking gluten free. Although, she adds
new converted recipes that are traditionally made from wheat, she focuses on recipes that are
inherently gluten free. She utilizes the resources of recipes and suggestions from friends and
family as a springboard that spotlights thinking in an alternative manner. This cookbook
initiates a look into international cooking ingredients and techniques. From gulab jamon and
falafel to satay and arepas, the gluten free cook will enjoy a wealth of experience. I look
forward to her contributions to the field of living with Celiac Disease.”
                              Scott Adams, Editor,
About the Author

Nancy Sherry Baker is a native of Seattle, Washington. She and her son, Grant, both have
Celiac Disease. It is her dream to make life with a gluten free diet easier for Grant. She
currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

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