Luck of the Irish
2006 Edition: Perfect Bound; 5.5 x 8.5 inches; 212 pages
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"Some time ago, my wise and wonderful wife, Elois, suggested that I record some information
about my life and career, especially, though not exclusively, intended for my children and
immediate family.  She thought they might, in the future, want to know more about "what I did
and how I came to do it."  The Barrett clan in general has not been good about maintaining
an historical identity of the family.   Perhaps this treatise will offer some insight, add a little
substantive information to the family story and encourage others in the family to preserve
family hsitory.  It is not intended as a complete autobiography - more as a sketch, or an
extended time line, strong on objective material, minimizing most of the emotional and
personal information found in complete autobiographies and perhaps made readable by a little
-  Dr. O'Neill Barrett, Jr.
Dr. O'Neill
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       "not much of a war..."

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This was a recurrent theme of those brash, young military
officers, mostly West Pointers, who were assigned as
advisors to ARVN (Army of Vietnam-Republic of South
Vietnam) troops in 1962. How we all were to rue those words
before it ended in disaster in 1975!

“Those who know me will recognize that I have spoken very
little about Vietnam, even when I was still on active duty and
especially since my retirement. This seemed like a good time
to document facts and opinions while they are still vivid and
clear in my mind. My reticence, until now, is not the result of
any deep secrets or emotional trauma which occurred while I
was there. As a matter of fact, although there was a fair
amount of combat, it was mild compared to what was to
come. It's just that I've always felt that unless you have
something important to say, you ought to keep quiet. I've
obviously reached that point.”
- Dr. O'Neill Barrett, Jr.
About the Author

O’Neill Barrett, Jr., MD, MSc, FACP, is a graduate of Louisiana State University (B.S.), Louisiana State
University School of Medicine (M D) and Baylor University (MSc). He served as Chief, Medical Service
and Chief, Professional Services of the 8th Field Hospital and Medical Consultant, U.S.Army, Vietnam in
1962-1963. He later served as Chief, Department of Medicine, Tripler Army Hospital and Medical
Consultant, U.S.Army Pacific in Hawaii. He retired from active duty in 1973 from his position as Chief,
Department of Medicine, Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Between 1973 and 1994, he served first as Chairman, Department of Comprehensive Medicine at the
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida and then as Chairman, Department of Medicine, University
of South Carolina School of Medicine. He retired in 1994 as Distinguished Professor and Chairman
Emeritus, Department of Medicine, University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He also served as
Field Representative for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education from 1994-1999.

He and his wife are now living in Columbia, South Carolina.

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