About the Books

Walking Faith Forward: In this engaging weekly devotional, Blievernicht draws on lessons
from her personal life and Biblical references, to show you how to connect with God and
spread His word by concentrating on a specific spiritual focus area each week.

Divorce Is Only Human: "the author brings us through the inevitable deep pain of divorce
and abandonment 'as it is happening' - establishing a clear partnership with God while on the
journey - Raw and validating - A must-read for survivors and all who love and support them."
                                                                                        Lisa M. Yezzi, M.S. Ed., Ph.D.
About the Author

Throughout her childhood, Melanie Blievernicht approached her faith passively.
Now, years later, God is the center of her often chaotic world. He has planted in
her a hunger for a richer relationship, and her passion for Him grows each day.
Through God's love, her perception of simple, everyday events has been
changed to focus on Him.

Melanie Blievernicht currently resides in Woodstock, Georgia, where she works
as a secretary. In addition to public speaking and her passion for writing, she
enjoys reading, ministry work, tennis, horseback riding, camping, motorcycles,
marksmanship, and activities around the water. She is also an avid animal lover
with a soft spot in her heart for rescues. Ms. Blievernicht may be contacted at

Author photo by Sara Ippolito Photography

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