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Beginning of the Maelstrom

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Beginning of the Maelstrom is about a quest to save our cosmos
(the Helix) from forces of evil which intend to take control of it.
Lord Maelstrom is the unseen architect of this ominous control. The
Helix’s Savior: Part One is the earliest attempt by Alexander, a
surviving member of the Ancients, to counter these evil forces of
darkness.  Alexander has the unusual magical power of the assumed
exterminated human subspecies, the Ancients, members of an
ancient society (thus earning its name) which fell long ago for an
unknown reason. Alexander’s mission is to counter the diabolical
forces from Maelstrom and his agents. Before then, Alexander must
recollect his past and harness his gifts to save the Helix.

Books One and Two
About the Author

Joshua C. Buchi-Ahiabuike. born in February 2000, began his creative writing career at
the age of seven.  A prodigy in Greek Mythology and its intricacies, he is a keen and avid
reader who earned a record 546.9 points in Accelerated Readers in the 3rd Grade at
Ezell Harding Christian School in Antioch, Tennessee.  He started writing Beginning of
the Maelstrom at ten.  By the age of eleven, Joshua had already participated in two
consecutive summer extra-curricular academic programs for exceptional students: the
National Young Scholars program at Wake Forest University in 2010 and the Junior
National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2011. A good Christian
who loves the Lord, Joshua is the first child of a professional immigrant Nigerian family
which includes his two sisters and a brother.  He spent the first five years of his life in
Baltimore, Maryland; his family then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where they lived for
the next six years.  Joshua is currently a sixth grader at Westbrook Christian School in
Rainbow City Alabama,  where he loves to play Video and Wii games when he is not
writing on his personal computer or doing homework.  He h
as just finished his second
novel, King of the
Gods, and is already working on the next in the Helix series..

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Alexander Bladeknight is the Helix's Savior!
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The King of the Gods, Book One                    The King of the Gods, Book Two
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