About Misty is Missing
The newest Piper and Boomer Mystery
by Debra Carr, Illustrated by Stephen Carr

2008 Edition, 5x8, 52 pages, Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-0-9816172-7-5


Join Piper and Boomer on their third adventure as
they search desperately to discover Misty's whereabouts.
Follow the clues and solve the mystery - before it's too late!
About the Books

     The Curry Comb Caper
     by Debra Carr, Illustrated by Stephen Carr

2006 Edition: 48 pages; 5 x 8 inches; Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1-933912-59-6
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The Curry Comb Caper is the first in a series of Double D Horse Farm
Mysteries written by Debra Carr and illustrated by Stephen Carr. Boomer
and Piper are the great detectives of the horse farm and have just
discovered a missing curry comb. Boomer is all of 12 pounds and 12
inches tall, but he believes he is ten feet tall. He takes his position on the
top step everyday and overlooks his kingdom. He is a Peek-A-Poo/Shih
tzu cross and is master of all he surveys. Piper is a Quarter Horse. When
Piper was born, Boomer helped in the delivery, and he feels a kinship to
the Quarter Horse colt. They have been friends since birth. When Piper
hadn't even figured out how to work his legs yet, Boomer was on the job.
A wonderful book for young people, the book upholds solid Christian
values while telling a great story!
About the Author

Debra Carr was born in the small town of Hazelhurst,Mississippi. She moved with her family to
Waycross,Georgia at the young age of five. She met and married her husband while attending college
and once he began his service in the United States Marine Corps. Their journey around the world
began. After traveling the world they decided to settle in Warrenton, Virginia. Warrenton afforded
them the opportunity to raise their children, Stephen and Allison, in a small town setting.

Debra has been a children’s Sunday School teacher for the last 9 years at Warrenton Baptist Church
and also serves on its Youth Committee. Her writing came about simply by the combination of three
loves: the love of children, the love of animals, and the love of a good mystery. She is an avid reader
of mysteries and attends every interactive Mystery Dinner Theatre that she can find.

As manager of the Double D Horse Farm Debra has had the opportunity to apply her Bachelors in
Business Administration and is currently working toward her MBA. Visit Boomer, Piper, Debra, and
all the other characters at www.ddhorsefarm.com.
The Feed Trough Thriller
             by Debra Carr, Illustrated by Stephen Carr

2007 Edition: Perfect Bound; 5x8 inches; 56 pages
ISBN: 1-933912-66-9
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It was a beautiful morning as the two friends made their way across the pastures and toward
the barn. Boomer took the lead and Piper followed close behind. Boomer moved under a tree
that was near the barn. He liked to call this his thinking tree. Piper moved in close to his friend
as he slowly folded his legs under himself to lay down next to Boomer.

Piper looked at Boomer with questioning eyes, "Now What?"

Boomer leaned toward his friend to whisper the concerns he had for the day. "Piper, it
happened last night during the storm. None of us realized that it had happened and this
morning we are all still in a daze."

Piper leaned closer to Boomer, "What happened during the night?"

Boomer looked around to be sure no one was listening and then whispered to his friend. "The
feed trough is gone!"

The Feed Trough Thriller is the second in the Double D Horse Farm Mysteries series. Piper
and Boomer are again faced with a mystery that they must solve!

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