About the Book

 My Lake
         by Mary Carter

9x9, 36 pages
ISBN: 1-933912-82-0

Beautifully written and illustrated
children's book about the seasons
and importance of the Lake.

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Published by
Westview, Inc.
About the Author

Mary Carter lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two teenaged
children.  While she loves her southern home of twenty-five years, she was deeply
influenced by her childhood in Michigan.  The Great Lakes, and the intensity of the
four seasons, shaped her appreciation for the great outdoors.

She grew up in a very active family of ten.  Together, they swam, sailed, canoed and
explored the woods surrounding their summer retreat.  Her brothers and sisters share
her enthusiasm for revisiting the meaningful places.  Her parents live on the lake she
describes in her book.

She has enjoyed a professional life as a food stylist, food writer and test kitchen
coordinator.  Writing, painting, entertaining and family hikes fill her free time.