Children, Youth
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The Westview Authors
To find books for and about Children, Youth, and Teens
by Westview Authors, please click on the links below.

The Albermarle Quest  by Ursula P. Spence

Beginning of the Maelstrom by Joshua Buchi-Ahiabuike

The Curry Comb Caper by Debra Carr

The Feed Trough Thriller by Debra Carr

Gus, Scruffy, Clara and Friends by Gidge Dreher

A Horse Named Cracker Jack by Paul Merritt

Ista Cante by Miiya Carolyn Knoll

The Little Mountain Princess  by Cynthia Thomas

Misty is Missing by Debra Carr

My Lake by Mary Carter

The Paw on the Tarmac  by Helen Raynes Staley

Rebekah as her Journey Begins  by K.C. Pyatt

Spirit of Monterey by Sally Rodes Lee

Wee Wisdom  by Terri L. Strong

What's Wrong With the Girl Next Door? by Rachel Appleton McAuley  
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