Robert Rogers
About Pioneers, Preachers and Patriots
The Chaffins of Roaring River

2005 Edition, 6.14x9.21, 276 pages
ISBN Complete:  0-9773179-3-5  

To Robert Chaffin, Roaring River will always remain the garden spot of the universe,
the place that God had smiled on in a special way, the most desirable place to inhabit
this side of the promised land. In telling the stories about this wonderful community, the
author hopes that in some way it will bring to the reader's mind the sights, sounds and
stories of your own past or will develop in you a greater appreciation of the courage
and energy of your own ancestors. The story of the author's American ancestors is
much like that of many American families who entered the colonies in the sixteen and
seventeen hundreds, faced the hardships of settling a new land, the perils of numerous
wars, political unrest and social upheaval but through it all placed their faith, family and
fortune in the hands of an unchanging God, shepherding an ever changing land. These
Chaffins of Roaring River, were but links in a long line of Pioneers, Patriots and
About the Author

Bob Chaffin was born in the Roaring River Community of Jackson County, Tennessee
during World War II, but soon moved with his family to the nearby town of Carthage;
where he spent the balance of his growing up years.  He was graduated from David
Lipscomb University and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where he earned an
MBA.  Upon graduation from David Lipscomb he took a job with General Motors' Financial
staff and worked his way through varying levels of responsibilities in a number of GM
locations.  In January of 2001 he retired while holding the position of Finance Director for
the Information Systems Division of GM and returned with his wife Janice Lafever Chaffin
to his beloved Tennessee.  Today, he lives in Lebanon, raises Black Angus Cattle, and
serves as an Elder for the Maple Hill Church of Christ.

Robert Rogers
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About Ridin' the Blinds
                by Robert Rogers Chaffin

2008 Edition, Paperback, 6.14x9.21, 228 pages
ISBN:  978-0-9819172-0-7

Like a great number of young people growing up in the years between World
War I and World War II, Robert Rogers Chaffin's father-in-law, George
Lafever, had a difficult life. He was orphaned at a young age and took to the
rails when still barely a teenager. Through pictures, letters, a life sketch, and
remembrances of his entertaining stories, his unique life has been memorialized
in this book, which includes the great northern migration during the
nineteen-twenties and thirties as well as the greater story of the whole Upper
Cumberland Region. In the trying days and hardships of the Great Depression,
George Lafever and his generation were put through a trial by fire which
refined their character as the furnace refines gold. The pure toughness and
resolve of their generation proved the salvation of freedom and democracy in
the anxiety filled days of the Second World War.

Pore Folks, Potlucks, and Parables:                                   Blackberry Winter:
Remembering Life in the Upper Cumberland                     Reflections of a Small Time Southern Boy

ISBN: 978-1-935271-56-7
Perfectbound, 6x9. 341 Pages, $19.95

These third and fourth books are short story collections of the regional happenings, remembrances of happiness, and recounting of life
lessons that were learned in a family of love, a community of faith, and an era of peace and safety.  It is designed to take one back to a
simpler time and touch a cord in the reader's own history.  
"I suppose it is the march toward life's final battle that prompts me to write of the things I remember, for I fear that one day, in fact I am
assured that one day, I will no longer be able to repeat the stories that I have loved and spent a lifetime accumulating in my mind, that I will
no longer be able to share with my children or grandchildren the peace and tranquility of a world quickly passing into antiquity.  And yet by
these writings, I will be able, years hence, to tell these tales to great grandchildren yet unborn and somehow by that, be able to declare,
'Remember me, I existed, I was, I loved, I lived, I cherished life in a world very different from your own, but in a way very much like you.'
I hope you enjoy reading the work as much as I enjoyed creating it."