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Courage for Living featuring Harriet Virginia Maxwell Overton
ISBN 978-1-935271-97-0
6.14x9.21, 566 pages, $29.95

The Civil War brought radical change to Harriet Overton’s life. The mother of five children,
she was thrust into total management of the 2300 acre plantation when her husband, John,
was away at war. Not yet thirty years old, Harriet struggled to nurture her children, direct the
work of her fifty slaves, and fend off the challenges of the Union Army troops on her
property. During the Battle of Nashville in 1864, the Travellers Rest plantation became the
battlefield. Harriet defended her family, home, and property. Her southern pride continued
throughout her lifetime.       

“A significant account of a significant person (Harriet Virginia Maxwell Overton) -- the
second First Lady of Travellers Rest.”                          
-- Candace Hale Page, Executive Director of Travellers Rest until her untimely death in July 2011        

“What fun to imagine the lives lived by this family. The author presents such a lively and
entertaining look into the early history of this fascinating group of people. It is wonderful that
this time in Nashville history is being illuminated.”                          
-- R. Wray Estes, great grandchild of Mary White May Overton      

“The author has captured the life and events of one of the leading families in Nashville in the
1800s with a fast-flowing novel about Mrs. Hariet Virginia Maxwell Overton of Travellers
Rest. The family interactions certainly keep one anxious to continue
--  Mrs. Virginia Gooch Watson, Member of Nashville Chapter No. 1, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Honorary
State President of the Tennessee Division, UDC  and Past president of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society
About the Author

Thomas Lee Clark lives in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. After retiring
from a career in publishing, he has worked and volunteered as a docent at
Travellers Rest Plantation for over ten years.

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