David H.
Cook, Ph.D.
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A Model for the Treatment of Substance Abuse -
An Introduction

     by David H. Cook, Ph.D.

2007 Edition: Hardbound Case Laminate
7 x 10 inches; 236 pages
ISBN: 1-933912-44-8

Substance abuse is a complex disorder with associated biological, psychological, and social
causes and effects. At the community level substance abuse has been treated as a social
problem, while lack of will power has been the proclamation at the individual level.
Accompanying these two generalizations is the fatalistic assessment that until society takes
ownership of the solution, substance abuse will remain a social problem. Society has invested
heavily in infrastructure designed to address the many issues and costs created and resulting
from substance abuse, only to be frustrated by no return on investment.

The primary reasons for this no return on investment have been. (1) Treatment as society's
primary tool for dealing with substance abuse with a treatment plan used to guide the delivery
of treatment services. (2) Outcomes measurement as society's primary tool for measuring the
effectiveness of treatment where the abusers consumption of substances is queried at some
point in time after the completion of treatment. In essence, society has opted for a process
that attempts to educate the abuser to a behavior change, followed by a did-it-work query,
without addressing that person's base addictive thinking, best characterized as bondage in self.

This Model for a new approach to the treatment of substance abuse is built from the lack of
will power generalization as a manifestation of a person's bondage in self. As such, this Model
is not concerned with a person's behavior. Instead, it argues for, and outlines a methodology
for the direct assessment of a person's cognitive reasoning and deduction via an incrementally
constructed and measured treatment plan.
About the Author

David Cook openly describes himself in the preface to this book as a person who has
stated "Hello, my name is Dave and I am an alcoholic" many times since April 22,
1987. He has donated time to his community, homeless shelters and a jail. His
professional experience includes economic and financial analysis. His professional
service to the community includes serving as the president of the board of trustees of a
treatment center and the finance director of a domestic violence agency. He holds an
honorary doctorate in humanities.

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