James Leonard
About Now & Then -
      20th Century Change in America

2006 Edition
Perfect bound; 166 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 0-9776207-2-7


Now & Then ...is far more than a simple chronicle of
events in one man's life. It is a series of observations
based on a richness of life experiences; scientific,
military, and as an American citizen, that define attributes
that have made our Nation great, but that also call into
question some of the mundane idiosyncracies of our
society that are a constant pull towards mediocrity.

Don’t pick up this book for entertainment, for, although it
rejoices in America’s cultural and environmental diversity,
the author says, “If entertaining, it was not meant to be,
for it surfaces America’s problems, yes, nightmares
ignored by a plastic, mainstream, Orwellian media.”
About the Author

James Leonard Delaney is a native Tennessean, but has resided, worked and paid
taxes in 38 of the contiguous 48 states as a biologist, earth scientist, public affairs
journalist and Air Force Reserve Officer. He holds degrees from the Universities of
Montana, Oklahoma and Vanderbilt. He is a resident graduate of the National War
College, Washington, DC, and the Air War College, Montgomery, Alabama. He
served as a contributing researcher with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. His global
travel has been extensive and unaccompanied.

Except for graduate theses (and mongraphs published by the Government Printing
Office), this is his first volume.

James Leonard
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