About the Books

This impressive set contains one volume of Rev. Denson's blog posts, which include weekly reflections on scriptures
from the Common Lectionary, and one volume of his sermons, or "preachments" as they are called in the text.  Both
volumes not only reflect his skill with words, but the cadences and tones of his music.

 Cynthia B. Astle, Editor of The Progressive Christian
About the Author

After more than half a century of pastoral ministry as an
Episcopalian priest, Lane Denson these days is best
known for his writing pursuits as the editor of Covenant
Publishing and author of the seven-year-old blog,
Out of
.  He has spent decades learning to play jazz
cornet, as well as trumpet and flugelhorn, and his
musical background shows in his writing, which at
times has a stream-of-consciousness style reflective of
lengthy jazz improvisations.
                              Cynthia B. Astle, Editor of The Progressive Christian

Lane Denson's
Books Are
Published by
Westview, Inc.

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