Donia Craig
About My Salads to You

by Donia Craig Dickerson

ISBN 0-9764940-7-8
Second Edition Published in 2005

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About the Author

Donia Craig Dickerson (Mrs. William Buford Dickerson II) is an Art Broker, Consultant,
and Lecturer.  A native and lifelong resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Mrs. Dickerson is
a 1954 graduate of Vanderbilt University.

She is President of The Dickerson Group of Artists and Sculptors and her associate
Gallery in New York is Franklin-Bowles.  The Dickerson Group featured portrait artist is
Robert Bentley of Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.  She is a dealer for Chesley, L.L.C., publisher
of Frederick Hart, Sculptor.

Mrs. Dickerson's father was the late Francis Craig, noted orchestra leader and the
composer of
Near You, the first national and international hit to be recorded in what is
now "Music City, U.S.A."

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