Beyond What You See:
     Words of Inspiration

5.5x8.5, 188 pages
ISBN 978-0-9816172-6-8

The path of life can be trying, painful, and yet beautiful to others. So many of us ask why
life is not fair? Why things happen the way they do? Life was never meant to be fair; but understanding yourself, the
purpose of your being and how to aim higher than self-actualization is priceless. You can never be someone else, but I
can guarantee that you can be the best of you. Through words of inspiration and poetry that up lifts a positive human
spirit, criticizes conscious and unconscious energies that will otherwise derail human progress; I have worked for years
to give you something to enrich, reflect, educate and hopefully change your life for a brighter day. Enjoy every moment
of your life because a hundred years from now, none of us will be here. Hope you’d love it.

"Powerful and Inspiring.  A must read:  Elvis has proven
to be not only a talented writer but a gifted poet."
                                   - The Post News.

"Perfection of the human race may be impossible,
but moving towards perfection is attainable.  
Well done Elvis."
                                   - KM Productions

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About the Author

April 12,
Represents his birth,
A talent driven by an absolute intellect,
One of natures gifts to mankind.

His ink stabilizes the thorns and beauty of nature,
By his writing, all humans shall reflect,
And by his poems,
Man shall find comfort moving away from imperfection.

His mental representation,
Always serves as mankind's transcolorizer,
Indeed, his creativity is beyond explanation.

His driving force is inborn,
People like him exist once in a generation,
His judgment of energy and time,
is a midpoint between circular and linear,

His name is Elvis Ngyia.

Prince Valery Forchu

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