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Two Furnished Rooms and a Little Back Porch
             by Anna Lois Kibble Everly

2003 Edition: Perfect bound; 224 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9744322-4-5

Two Furnished Rooms and a Little Back Porch opens a window looking
out on the world of a bygone generation. It is a charming biography of a
couple that relished life and treasured family more than any gold. The
book is filled with the details of a simpler, less cluttered life, while
revealing the hardships endured by a generation lacking antibiotics and
most of the labor saving appliances that we now take for granted.

As you read the book, you will be surprised at how relevant it is to
understanding how your own grandparents and great-grandparents
lived. As an example, we now buy and sell automobiles without so
much as a second thought. However, in the transition years between
horse riding or foot travel and the automotive age, cars were wonderful possessions to be cared for and cherished. In
this context, it is much easier to see the origins of the American love for cars and why our grandparents differed from
us in their far-more careful treatment of the "family" car.

The Kibbles lived a life that was filled with opportunities to help their neighbors and friends. Two Furnished Rooms
and a Little Back Porch describes a couple who valued simple pleasures and gave generously to those in need. The
ancient Greek philosopher who tirelessly searched for "an honest man" would have wanted to sit down and have a
long, long talk with Edyth and Jesse Kibble.
About the Author

Anna Lois Kibble Everly was born in Parkersburg, WV. She graduated from Ohio University and taught school for 29
years, mostly in the public school system of Cincinnati, Ohio. She and her husband of 56 years, Herb, retired to
Nashville, Tennessee to be near their two daughters and three grandchildren.

Mrs. Everly’s mother, Edythe, lived at Reedsville, Ohio and her father grew up in Eden, Ohio, both along the shores of
the Ohio River. Their lives together give a vivid glimpse into the history of “river life” in the 19th and early 20th
centuries. They were witnesses of the devastating floods of 1913 and 1937 as well as the building of the government
locks along the Ohio. They saw the river flow endlessly past the depression, World Wars I and II, good times and bad.

This story shows a loving and caring family who with grace and faith participated in making this country great. Mrs.
Everly lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Herb.

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