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Carolyn Stier Ferrell is a biology teacher at Rossview High School,
Clarksville, Tennessee. A fourth generation resident of Clarksville, Ms.
Ferrell is familiar with the stories and images of the people as well as
the events of the town she loves to call home. She welcomes any
comments, photos, additional information on related topics, or other
stories of interest to readers. She may be contacted by e-mail at

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Westview, Inc.
About the Book

Spanning one hundred years from 1820 until 1920, the
Tyler family impacted the emerging town of
Clarksville, Tennessee in ways unimaginable.
Memories of this family resurfaced when a single,
deplorable theft one summer night in 1996 involved the
graveside statue of the daughter of the notable
Clarksville Judge Charles Waller Tyler. This much
adored little girl had died suddenly at age four from a
disease easily prevented today.

Public reaction to the theft was so immediate and
demonstrative that the story became a national news
item. Against all odds, the statue reappeared, hundreds
of miles from its origin, to the relief of Clarksville
citizens. This is the story of Nannie Tyler, her family,
her stolen statue, and the people of a southern town
who loved her.

While researching the subject, the author has discovered the fascinating, absorbing history of her
hometown, once heralded as the dark-fired tobacco capital of the world.  

In recording the events of one hundred plus years, the setting is provided to understand the world that
Nannie knew during her abbreviated lifetime.  In addition, each of the haunting, unanswered questions
surrounding her death are addressed in the book.

It is hoped that the reader will appreciate the pioneer spirit of the Tylers, their perseverance through
multiple tragedies, but above all else, their love of family and community. This is a story of major interest
locally and beyond. Many visitors to Clarksville make a point to visit Nannie's gravesite, having heard about
the theft on the news. Readers are asked to come along as we all go in search of Nannie Tyler.

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