Schedule 3

Estimated Expenses and Disbursements

A. The intent of this Agreement is to insure that PUBLISHER and AUTHOR are
fairly and consistently compensated for sales of the WORK.
B. Disbursements and compensation will be based on a Gross Margin after
discounts and printing costs have been deducted from the sales price.
C. All changes in expenses from those listed in this Schedule shall be
communicated in written form from PUBLISHER to AUTHOR.
D. AUTHOR and PUBLISHER agree to third party arbitration in the event of a
disagreement regarding disbursements.

Discounts to book distributors may vary, depending upon agreements reached
between the printer and the distributor. While the following are the rates
currently in effect, Westview cannot control agreements between other
parties. If the discount varies, it will be reflected in remittances to
AUTHOR. Discounts: For sales transacted upon the Published by Westview
website: 10 % Wholesale varies with bookstore’s contract with the printer.
Typically 55 % ; other wholesale outlets: 45% Author Royalties: 40
% of the Gross Margin on all web site and wholesale distribution sales

A. Royalties will be paid semi-annually.
B. Payment will be made to AUTHOR by check and mailed to the address specified
in this agreement.
C. It is incumbent upon AUTHOR to notify PUBLISHER of any address change in
a timely fashion.
D. Royalty checks will be mailed November 15 for the previous January 1 - June
30, and on May 15 for the previous July 1 – December 31. This will allow time for
adjustments for sales returns, if needed and applicable.

A. It is PUBLISHER’S standard policy not to accept returns from wholesalers or
distributors other than for cases of damages in shipment. The author has the
option of personally guaranteeing payment for these returns in order to maximize
distribution outlets.
B. All retail purchases from our web site are unconditionally guaranteed with a full
purchase price refund (excluding shipping) for dissatisfied customers. Such a
refund will result in the loss of a royalty payment to the author for that sales

A. AUTHOR will pay PUBLISHER for all setup expenses as checked and initialed
by the AUTHOR in Addendums 1 and 2 in full, in advance of work being begun.
B. Upon receipt of this amount, PUBLISHER will immediately begin fulfilling
its obligations under this Agreement.
C. AUTHOR will pay the PUBLISHER in full for any author requested changes
being made to the WORK prior to the book moving to the next stage in the
process, unless the changes are required due to PUBLISHER error. Charges apply
whether the revisions are made by the PUBLISHER to additional Author’s Proofs
or by re-submission of revisions to the printer, as defined in Section 2 of Schedule
2 and in Sections 2,3, and 4 of Schedule 1.
D. AUTHOR will make full payment prior to printing of any publisher provided
items, including but not limited to: books, business cards, bookmarks, postcards,
and posters.
E. The initial order of black and white interior, standard-sized book copies shall be
directly available to AUTHOR at a cost per copy consistent with the table attached
as Addendum 5. These prices are dependent upon the final book specification,
including page size and total page count. Costs for books with color interiors are
available upon request. The only additional cost shall be a direct charge back to
AUTHOR of shipping costs appropriate to the shipping method requested by
AUTHOR. This price is based upon the current market price of books
manufactured by our printer, and is guaranteed only for the AUTHOR’s initial
order of books. Regarding subsequent orders, there will not be an increase in this
cost per copy unless it is to reflect increases in manufacturing costs. AUTHOR will
be notified in advance of printing of any such change, which will not affect any
commitment by AUTHOR currently in effect.
F. The AUTHOR is responsible for collecting and remitting all sales taxes due on
sales made directly by the AUTHOR.

This Agreement details in full the financial obligations between

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Schedule 1 - Publisher Responsibilities
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Schedule 3 - Expenses and Disbursements
Addendum 1 - Publishing Plans
Addendum 2 - Optional Services
Addendum 3 - Publishing Guidelines
Addendum 4 - Publishing/Formatting Questionnaire
Addendum 5 - Author Book Prices

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