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2004 Edition, 6.14x9.21, 236 pages
ISBN: 0-9748730-5-5

He was 31, athletic, an eligible bachelor in the small town
of Clifton Forge, VA.  She was turning 20, graceful, a
beauty living in the even smaller town of Big Island, VA.

He was in the sixth year of practice as the only pediatrician
in Clifton Forge, the neighboring city of Covington and the
surrounding counties, total population about 25,000.  She
was just starting out as a dance instructor in Covington and
Clifton Forge, trying to make a living in the waning years
of the Great Depression.

His parents were immigrants who had left Germany and
Poland as teenagers to seek their fortunes in the New World,
met in New York City, courted, married, and moved to
mountainous western Virginia to escape the polluted air of the
big city and to open a retail store selling general merchandise.
Her parents had Virginia ancestors going back generations,
to pre-Revolutionary War days - her father was an engineer
and paper-mill superintendent; her mother, a Republican party

He was Jewish.  She was Southern Baptist.  Neither had been
in a serious relationship.  Both had been valedictorians in high school.

Thus begins the preface to Love Letters, a collection of 154 letters written during the
28-month courtship between Monty Fliess and Irwin Foster, lovingly transcribed by their son,
Maurice R. Fliess.

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