Richard Clay
               Behind a Father's Eyes
                     Moments in Life Through a Father's Eyes

                     Published in 2008
P                     Paperback6.14x9.21, 120 pages, $12.95


                                                                                                 Pop's Garden Gift
The Journal of a Garden, Its Seasons, and a Man

                                                                                           Published in 2008
                                                                       Case Laminate, 7x10, 112 pages, $21.95


he Making of a Family
Two Remarkable People; One Historic Story

Published in 2005
Case Laminate, 7x10, 108 pages, $21.95
About the Author

Richard Forbes lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and four children.  He is active
within the community, volunteering time to both the Boy Scouts of America and the Middle
Tennessee High School Rugby Conference.  He has also served on the Technology Review
Board for the United Way of Tennessee.

Richard has been published on several occasions in
Rugby magazine, The Review Appeal,
Madisonville Messenger, and The Tennessean.  Richard has also been presented on a
number of web sites.  He won an award for his poetry at Bethel College in McKenzie,
Tennessee, and was published in
The Sounding of the Brass and the Cadet newspaper at
The Virginia Military Institute.

Richard Clay
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