About the Book
Caught Red Handed
In the Act of Being Myself

6x9, 196 pages
ISBN 978-1-933912-36-3

"Delora French invites us to come along on
her life journey through these wonderfully
thoughtful, sensitive and honest poems. We
are called to remember our own childhoods,
to experience anew the beauty of nature, to
deal with our own doubts and fears, and to
feel again the joys of being alive and being
in relationship with lovers and others who
walk beside us. While some of these poems
draw on her long struggle with bipolar
disorder, they more often put us in touch
with the strength and resilience of the
human spirit and thus ultimately with the
sacred in all of life." Rev. Dr. Dan

Delora French's
Books Are

Published by
Westview, Inc.

About the Author

Delora Shankle French is the youngest of seven siblings raised on sharecropped farms in
Henry County in West Tennessee during the depression.  She moved to Texas with her
husband and completed a degree in Sociology and Psychology at Texas Christian University
and worked for the American Red Cross and as Executive Director of Planned Parenthood
of Fort Worth during the 1960s.  She then worked for Campfire Girls in Temple, Tesas in
the 1970's.  Although Delora Shankle French started writing poetry in 1980, most of the
poems selected for this book were written after 1990.  She now lives in Nashville.