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From Rome to Jerusalem
       ISBN 978-1-935271-27-7
      Paperback, 6x9, 380 pages
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"This journey through the pages of
theological history gives an insightful look at
our Apostolic heritage and promotes the
unity of faith that must be attained within
our Apostolic fellowships during these final
hours.  If you're looking for a unique
perspective to gain greater spiritual
understanding, this former Roman Catholic
seminarian has provided it."
Rev. Jeremy B. Tyler

"The annals of history have been cracked
open and your chance to become
knowledgeable about church history is all in
one short publication.  You will be
challenged and you will be informed.  The
information contained herein is shocking yet
pertinent and timely.  Let the truth be told,
the author has not reserved himself in this
writing. Your mind will be stimulated and
your heart opened."
 J.A. Stirnemann, M.D.

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