Fulfilling Your Spouse's Fantasy
by Shunekari Harris
ISBN: 9780981932569
December 2008
About Fulfilling Your Spouse's Fantasy

Are you interested in improving your relationship?
Do you know how to create a fulfilled marriage regardless
of what has happened previously or currently in your

Fulfilling Your Spouse’s Fantasy is a must-read
for any married woman or man. Shunekari Harris shares
her most intimate personal stories of marriage storms,
trials and successes along with insightful examples from
the Bible. This is a simple and easy-to-read book; once
you begin, you will not stop until the end. If you desire to
survive the storms of marriage and want to be inspired
through this personal testimony, this is the book for you.
About the Author

Shunekari Harris is a Christian writer, dynamic educator and engaging speaker.
Her teaching style is heartfelt; it is simultaneously healing, thought-provoking and
humorous. She is most gifted in helping others build and unify relationships.
Shunekari resides in Tennessee with her husband, Brian Vincent Harris.

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