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      The Doctor's Building
              by Robert Hendrick

2006 Edition: 272 Pages; 5.5 X 8.5 inches; Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1-933912-56-1
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Private detective, Nathan Black, has been engaged to
investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend's acquaintance,
the fetchingly attractive Miss Nancy Pettigrew. Although a
strong and independent-thinking suffragette of 1916
Nashville, a collection of postcards and a handful of store
receipts weave a trail that leaves Nathan with the impression
that Miss Pettigrew had fallen victim to the designs of too
many men. The missing woman's "immaculate" beauty
complemented by a rebellious and spirited nature bedevils the
investigator and draws him into the circle of those in pursuit
of her. Her unconventional ways make her alluring to those
who surround her, but there is a dark dealing among those in
her ring of inconspicuous admirers, and with one person, she
is privy to a long-concealed secret and a deep obsession that
eclipses all others. It is at the hand of that individual that she
ultimately falls prey.  

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