William H.
Masons and Harts
of Buzzard Creek and Red River
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Between 1870 and 1908 there were born, mostly or
wholly in Robertson County, Tennessee, 20 children who
comprised a complex group of siblings, half siblings,
double first cousins, and a step brother. The author's
grandfather, William Mason, son of Mark Mason, was
one of this group. This book covers the Mason and Hart
ancestry from the earliest generation of which we can be
relatively certain up to the generation of William Mason
and what is known of him and all his descendants, and
leaves additional space in hope that the descendants of
each of the others of William's generation will add
information on their ancestor and his or her descendants.
About the Author

William Horace Herndon, a descendant of both Masons and Harts, was born in 1926 in Robertson County,
Tennessee, on a Red River farm within a mile of the junction of Buzzard Creek and Red River.  His early
years were spent in the same vicinity and included the first three years of grade school at West Point, a one
room, one teacher school.  He attended there with numerous Mason and Hart descendants and other
neighbors until the school was closed and all were bused to Cedar Hill School in 1935.

Horace, as he was first called, spent two years in the army in Wyoming and other states and became known
as William or more often Bill.  After obtaining a law degree from the University of Tennessee he became an
attorney and worked as a claim superintendent for an automobile insurance company.  His first wife, Anne,
mother of their daughters Carole, Sara, and Margaret died in 1992.  He now lives with his second wife,
Lynne, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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