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About the Book

It Was All About Sects
                     by Stanley E. Hime

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 214 pages
ISBN 1-58385-033-3

Essex, England-1860

Catherine Devereaux becomes Lady Ashworth
when she marries the Marquis of Ashworth.  She
enjoys breeding horses, designing gardens, and
fancy balls, but her inability to produce an heir
brings untold abuse from her husband, Lord
Ashworth.  She devises a way to stay away from
him but the situation worsens.

Lady Ashworth actually welcomes the untimely
death of her husband, then learns that he willed
the estate to an unknown cousin.  Never lacking
in determination, Lady Ashworth crafts a scheme
to insure her possession of Ashworth when she
learns her husband has impregnated one of the
maids.  In search of true love, Lady Ashworth
initiates a series of liaisons, including a priest and
a psychoanalyst, that only generate greater
problems for her.  Finally, she realizes the fruits
of her search in a way she never imagined.  But
at what price?
About the Author

Stanley E. Hime was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1924.  He has lived in middle Tennessee
all his life except for serving in the Navy during WWII.  He started writing stories in 1944
during night watches at Alameda Naval Air Station where there was a model 17 Remington

He has written and self-published children's books and short stories.  His articles have
appeared in the Nashville
Tennessean, the Brentwood Journal, the Franklin Review Appeal,
and other publications.  He also has poems and essays in
Dew South and Writings from the
, anthologies published by a writer's group at the Martin Center in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Stanley Hime's
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Stanley Hime's latest book, You Will LOVE This Book,
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You Will LOVE This Book
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Sue Stays Busy/Stanley's Quilt Book
This volume contains the panels for two distinct quilts.  One
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