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The Westview Authors
To find books on History and works of Non-Fiction by
Westview Authors, please click on the links below.

The American Descendants of Lawrence Pearson by Merry Ann Pierson

Commonsense Grammar and Style Textbook or Workbook by Phillip S. Sparks

Captain Ed Baxter and His Tennessee Artillerymen, CSA by Dennis Lampley

The Descendants of Samuel Pierson and Sarah A. White by Merry Ann Pierson

A History of Bellevue and Surrounding Areas by Doug Underwood

The Hurt Index by Ronald E. Johnson

In Search of Nannie Tyler: A 100 Year History of a Family Who Helped
Shape Clarksville, by Carolyn Stier Ferrell

The Inferno by Joseph B. Ingle

INTEGRITY: A Military Perspective by Una Marie Alderman

Jewish Community of Cuba:  The Golden Age - 1906-1958 by Dr. Jay Levinson

Journey From Mount Rainier by Judith Lingle Ryan

Life on the Creeks by PALS Chapter CCHGA

Life Stories by Mark Kennedy

A Little Travel Guide for High Maintenance Women
by Carolyn Killman Eakin, Ginger Hall Underwood, and Jane Hinkle Tanner

Love Letters Compiled and Transcribed by Maurice R. Fliess

Maggie by Ross Hudgins

The Making of a Family by Richard Clay Forbes

More Nashville Nostalgia by E. D. Thompson

Nashville Nostalgia by E. D. Thompson

The Nashville Nostalgia Years by E. D. Thompson

Not a Slave!  Free People of Color in Antebellum America 1790-1860
by Lacy Shaw Jr.

"not much of a war..." by Dr. O'Neill Barrett, Jr.

Now and Then - 20th Century Change in America by James Leonard Delaney

Patriot Sons, Patriot Brothers by Hugh Owen Nash, Jr.

Pinkerton Descendants Through the Ages, 2007 Revised Edition
by Lori L. Brandenburg and Trudi L. Nichols

Pioneers, Preachers and Patriots by Robert Rogers Chaffin

A Place Called Berry Hill, edited by Jan Brach and John Tidwell

Politics, Preaching & Philosophy by Bill Peach

The Rockwells (Rockholds) of Fayette County, Pennsylvania by Peggy D. Sides

Spam Revisited -or - Why are They Giggling in the Cubicles? by Scott Horner

Spirit of Monterey by Sally Rodes Lee

A Tale of Two Countries by Ed Kurtz

Tennessee Lucky Numbers by Julie Riley

Tombstone Treasures by Robert Lee Phillips

Two Furnished Rooms and a Little Back Porch by Lois Kibble Everly

Vowed to Protect by Marge Zwack Adams
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