About Spam Revisited
-or- Why Are They Giggling in the Cubicles?
              by Scott Horner

2004 Edition: Perfect bound; 212 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
ISBN: 0-9748730-4-7


So you think you've seen every possible email joke?

Think again!

Spam Revisited is the best collection of email humor in print,
filled with jokes that will give you a <bseg> or make you
<LOL>. You'll want to sit down at your computer and start
emailing your friends to share these “best of the net” email

Note: Some adult language and sexual content
About the Author

Scott Horner's circuitous path in life finds him residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspiration
for this book was found while doing "spring cleaning" of his inbox. He describes his sense
of humor as “electric, eclectic, and sometimes eccentric” - spanning a variety of topics and
situations, but feels that if he has a strength, it is in the art of “riposte”… (of course, pun

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