40 Steps to Prosperity

2006 Edition: Perfect bound; 104 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 1-933912-43-X

Anani Israel-Clark has written another powerful spiritual guide to teach people how to stop living a life of
insufficiency and show them how to start living a life filled with the overflowing and unlimited abundance
of wealth, riches, good health, peace, success and love that is created out of obedience to God.

The 40 Steps to Prosperity bring into existence the biblical principles needed to walk out of poverty and
into the peace of God.

The author says, "It is in the peace of God that your spiritual potential will be set free to accomplished
your goals, vision and purpose needed to live a successful and victorious life."

In this insightful book you will learn how to:

~ Listen carefully to and obey the voice of God
~ Put into action the spiritual principles of prosperity
~ Implement the plans of God for your life
~ Trust in the Word of God for everything you need
~ Live by faith without wavering
~ Walk in the ways of obedience
~ Overcome all obstacles you encounter
About the Books
About the Author

Reverend Anani Israel-Clark is a gifted and anointed preacher/teacher with a burning desire
to teach and preach God's word in practical and useful ways in the areas of faith, healing,
kingdom building and prosperity. He has a deep inner desire to inspire others in the higher
calling of God purpose for their lives. He has preached and taught numerous sermons,
seminars and workshops on every subject relating to spiritual matters and he is considered
an expert in the areas of spiritual development. It is through his anointed messages that
people has been empowered to change their spiritual, emotional, intellectual,social and
financial state of being by applying God's word in a practical way.

As the founder of Teaching You the Way Worldwide Ministries, he believes the word of
God is the only solution to the problems we as people encounter here on earth.

Other books written by Anani Israel-Clark, who is also called the "Prophet of Prosperity"
include: "The 40 Steps to Prosperity," "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Money," "Always In
His Presence," "The 31 Spiritual Laws of Wisdom," "Master Keys To Prosperity,"
"Equipped To Live A Victorious Life," and "According To Your Faith."
                      Carolyn Killman Eakin, Ginger Hall Underwood, Jane Hinkle Tanner
Equipped to Live a Victorious Life

2007 Edition: Perfect Bound; 5.5x8.5 inches; 104 pages
ISBN: 1-933912-57-X

Anani Israel-Clark has written another powerful spiritual guide to teach people who are
walking in darkness and living a defeated life of shame how to overcome addiction and
hardship by the power of the Holy Spirit and show them how to live a victorious life where
there is nothing missing and nothing wrong.

Equipped to Live a Victorious Life brings into existence the biblical principles needed to
overcome addictive behaviors and hardships by the word of God..

The author says, “When you study the scriptures inspired by God and apply them to your
everyday life, the word of God will begin teaching you how to realize what is wrong by
showing you what is right.” He also says, “Once you learn the truth, the truth will make you
free from every addiction and set you free from every hardship.”
70 Keys to Embracing Your Season
by Anani Israel-Clark and Stephanie Poplar
2006 Edition: Perfect bound; 96 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 1-933912-31-6

There is a time appointed by God and a purpose foreordained by God assigned to every person born
that must be fulfilled in their season before the promises of God can be executed upon the earth.
Anani Israel-Clark and Stephanie C. Poplar have written this powerful biblical guide to teach God's
people the 70 spiritual principles needed to embrace their season and to unlock their spiritual potential
needed to be successful in the purpose God created just for them. The authors believe you are in the
right season to receive your harvest and to experience God's power in such a supernatural way like
you have never experienced it before.
7 Spiritual Laws of Money

2008 Edition
ISBN: 1-933912-06-5

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