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And Then Came God...
(Your Secret's Safe With Me)
               by Angela T. Jackson

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2006 Edition
Perfect bound; 80 pages; 5 x 8 inches
ISBN: 1-933912-37-5

Many people have lives that have been filled with sins, hurts and abuses, trials, and
tribulations. By bringing these past sins into the light, we (children of God) can stop hurting
and start healing. Healing spiritually, as well as physically, helping one another through the
love that only God provides. The author is not glorifying the sins nor the attached attributes
that are associated to the behaviors of these sinful acts, but is glorifying the one true God who
is more than able to deliver us from these sins of bondage, and if you let God, He can and will
deliver you, too.
About the Author

Angela T. Jackson has seen the dark side of human nature, rejected it,
and moved towards the light through God’s redeeming grace. God took
her from being a drug addict to Drug Counselor, from a prostitute to a
Deaconess preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from a child neglector
to being a Behavioral Health Specialist providing for her children, from
vacant houses to having a home. And Then Came God... is her
powerful witness and a teaching tool to show others that, with God’s
help, they can achieve victory over their temptations.

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