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About A Child of Tender Years: Hayden's Journey
by Joyce M. Jackson

2004 Edition: Perfect bound; 240 pages; 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 0-9748730-9-8

"Mom, who is your hero?"

A simple question asked by an innocent child. Hayden Block had no way of
knowing that to his mother, he was her greatest hero. A young heart, but
spiritually mature beyond his years, Hayden offered life lessons to every
person who came in contact with him. He persevered through physical pain
and sometimes emotional hurts. He learned to cope with a body that didn’t
look like other kids. And yet his sensitive loving heart and ebullient spirit
attracted many friends and admirers wherever he went.

A Child of Tender Years: Hayden’s Journey is first Hayden’s story - his life’s
journey from birth until age 14. But it is also a journey for his mother as she
watches him grow, learns with him...and from him. It is a story about
sacrifice and letting go, of being completely reliant on God and radiantly
acquiescing to all that He asks of us. It is a story about faith.  
About the Author

Joyce Jackson concerning the book: This book took its own long journey to get to its
present form, starting back in 1992 when I entered Belmont University to finish my
bachelor’s degree. An essay I wrote titled, appropriately enough, “Hayden’s Journey” was
published in the Belmont Literary Journal and caught the attention of an English professor
who encouraged me to write the book as an independent study project. So thank you, Jim
Brock, wherever you are. Dr. Robbie Pinter, who advised, guided and encouraged me while
I was at Belmont also deserves many thanks.

Joyce is a long-term resident of Nashville, Tennessee and works as an editor for School
Age Notes. (

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