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From One Muse to Another

 ISBN 978-0-9819325-2-1
 5x8, 116 pages

The Muses, deriving from Greek and Roman
mythology, were the source of in-spiration,
meaning insight, music and poetry, literally
"breathed' in by angelic beings to artists andd
creative minds receptive to their heavenly songs.

Thomas Jackson's book "From One Muse to
Another" is filled with quips and quotes from the
lighthearted to the profound, sure to inspire and
entertain readers of all ages. A perfect gift for
everyone from the graduate to the grandparent, it is
truly a gift from the Muses, those ancient sources
of in-spiration who literally "breathed" insight,
music and poetry into artists and creative minds
receptive to their heavenly songs.
About the Author

Thomas Jackson is an accomplished artist, teacher, writer, and family man.  He has had
numerous showings of his artwork in galleries across the country.  He has been nominated -
and has won - "Teacher of the Year," and has taught students at the elementary, middle
school, high school and college levels.  He has written many poems and has been presented
"The Editor's Choice Award" for Poetry, as well as being the author and illustrator of
several other books.  Mr. Jackson is a devoted husband and father who currently lives in
Charlotte, N.C. with his wife, Nancy Del.

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