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             Sinkholes and Ladders  6x9, 136 pages $14.95

We all hope that living a life of integrity, faith and goodness will assure us of nothing but
happiness and peace.  But the reality is that sometimes life offers us the unexpected.  
Sinkholes & Ladders is a personal story of devastation and the walk back through healing to
hope and inspiration.
Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love  

Reading Sinkholes & Ladders is a great first step for anyone wanting to understand the
anatomy  of a broken relationship.  This author provides the reader an up close and intimate
glimpse of the breaking of a trust.  Beyond the value of understanding the depth of the
sinkhole, she also gives the reader a group of “ladders” - the way out.  The ladders are an
empowering “how to” plan for those wishing to lift themselves out of the sinkhole of a
destructive relationship and onto the path of healing.
Larry Snow, Minister  

It is with the flavor and convincing detail of a fiction writer that Sarah Jacobs unfolds a story
of innocence besmirched, hopes and expectations ripped to shreds, personal losses stripped
bare before shocked observers, and, finally, the triumphant rout of negative forces and the
restoration of serenity to life.      
But it is truth, not fiction, that this author uses to communicate an all-too-familiar malady of
our age - divorce and the personal and social dissolution it brings.  It is that ring of truth
which lends power to her sharing of lessons she learned while digging out of the death-dealing
sinkhole and toeing her way carefully up and up the rungs of a ladder leading to happiness and
productivity.  The encouragement she gleaned from many she now shares with her readers.
Dr. Minta Sue Berry, author of Fiction, NonFiction, and Poetry  

As a divorcee myself, I found this book to be a great resource for anyone going through this
sinkhole.  This book is a powerhouse of information for those climbing out of this life-
changing event.  It is dynamic and yet simple enough to read when your mind is clogged and
you feel the weight of the world on you.  The personal touches are so real you can readily
identify with them and sometimes even catch yourself smiling in association.  Sinkholes &
Ladders is a great read for anyone, especially those experiencing divorce.  The personal story,
encouragement, suggestions and guidance give hope for something better.
Nancy Gordon, Homemaker  

Balancing a fresh perspective and traditional values, Sarah Jacobs invites her reader in for a
fly-on-the-wall look at the devastation of divorce, the shock of finding oneself newly single,
and the possibilities waiting on the other side.  Here you have a surprisingly brave account of
what it’s really like to start over.  Featuring true-life examples, tactics for survival, and write-
in pages to assist the reader on the journey, Sinkholes & Ladders is just the book to set
someone newly single on the long road back to wholeness.    
Tracy Lucas, owner of Smash Cake Press

Sarah Jacobs was born in Amarillo, Texas, raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and currently lives
near Nashville, Tennessee.  She is a member of her local writers group, mother of twin sons,
grandmother of three, mentor in the local DivorceCare program, and active member of the
ladies ministry in her church.  She enjoys participating in seminars and workshops, travel,
entertaining family and friends, music, movies, cooking, being outdoors, and making lariat
rope baskets.  Sarah is a member of her state’s Association of Craft Artists, a licensed
insurance agent, President/CEO of her company, and a member of the National Association
of Professional Women (NAPW).
 She was forty-seven when her marriage suddenly ended forcing her to rebuild her personal,
financial, and spiritual life from scratch.  That experience created the opportunity for her to
develop an unusually deep perspective into the resilience of the human spirit.  With
determination to “thrive rather than survive,” she is living proof that failure can be a launching
pad to success and disappointment can be a catalyst for happiness.
Over the past several years, she has devoted her time to sharing her strategies for
overcoming life’s challenges.  Her suggestions are unique, powerful, and proven, and her
style is personal, relaxed, and genuine; all these gifts have been recognized by her publication
in a national Christian woman’s magazine.
Being a born motivator and problem solver with a dedicated passion for encouraging others,
it is her sincere desire that the strategies revealed in this book will help each reader enjoy a life
of contentment, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

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