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About the Book

          The Hurt Index
                  by Ronald E. Johnson

2006 Edition
Case Laminate Hardbound; 792 pages;7 x 10 inches
ISBN: 0-9776207-3-5

The Hurt Index is a compilation of over 14,000 names of
individuals possessing the surname of Hurt who lived in the
United States between 1790 and 1930. It is a work based on
information derived from the fifteen Federal Census Reports
and augmented by data from numerous other sources. The
format of the book provides the Hurt researcher with a
simple and concise source of information that can be used as
basic reference for further research.
About the Author

Ronald E. Johnson is a retired Professional Land Surveyor and a widower. He has been an
avid genealogy researcher for nearly forty years. He has previously compiled his own family
genealogies and has helped others with their ancestral research. His interest in assisting
others with "breaking through the brick walls" of genealogical research, especially with
regard to the Hurt families of the United States, has resulted in The Hurt Index.

Johnson was born in Illinois but has been a resident of Colorado since 1968 where he lives
on a 26 acre tract of land with his two cats. Johnson is presently researching material for
his next book, the subject of which is the Johnson families of southeast Kenturcky.

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