About Commentary on the Ten Commandments
         by George Bush (1796-1859)
Compiled by George Kelley of the Ten Commandments Project

2005 Edition: Perfect bound; 124 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9773179-1-9

Commentary on the Ten Commandments presents several excellent
study chapters on the Ten Commandments as well as relevant
information and quotes about Christian living. The Ten
Commandments Project has been covered by national news media
for their project to encourage children to memorize The Ten
Commandments. This book provides additional information about
the effectiveness of "God's rules for living" on the moral character
development of America's youth.

For further information about The Ten Commandments Project,
please visit their website at
About the Author

George Kelley is the founder and Project Director of The Ten Commandments Project. The
project was established in the spring of 1997 offering a $10 incentive reward to children
who memorized the Ten Commandments.

Many children have benefited from the program and the Ten Commandments Project is
currently working on a grassroots expansion.

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