About Life Stories

   May 2008, 6.14x9.21, 292 pages
    ISBN: 978-0-9816172-3-7

"As an editor, Mark Kennedy allows the work of other writers to
sing.  He takes a wannabe wordsmith's messy piece and reshapes it
with such subtlety that even a mediocre author can believe the
melodious composition is her own.

As a mentor, he shares long-honed craft secrets as if they were mere
road directions. He teaches a rookie columnist how to hit the
desirable self-deprecatory tone by likening the look of his own
balding head to a skinless chicken breast.

As the voice of
Life Stories, he makes his audience care about his
prose and his people. He pens the desperate plight of a trailer-park
dweller's eviction, and cash donations come in the mail; he writes of
his wife's unwitting embrace of a grocery-store stranger and readers
recall similar gaffes, even as they guffaw. He describes an
Alzheimer's victim with a flower on her nose and creates a poignant
image of loss that comes with a curious saving levity.

There's a reason Mark Kennedy wins all those awards. Just ask his
supervisors, his staff or the newspaper subscribers who grab his
weekly columns as if they weren't life stories, but life preservers."

Jan Galetta
Former Chattanooga Times Free Press Reporter and freelance writer
About the Author

Mark K. Kennedy was raised in Columbia, Tennessee.  He graduated in 1980 from Middle Tennessee State
University in Murfreesboro.  He has worked as a reporter and editor for twenty-seven years.  Mark is currently
the features editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.  He resides on Signal Mountain with his wife and two
young sons.

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