Clyde W.
About More Precious Than Fine Gold

2006 Edition
Hardbound Case Laminate; 264 pages; 7 x 10 inches
ISBN: 0-9764940-6-X

More Precious Than Fine Gold is a detailed
and comprehensive look at how the Bible reveals
God's Plan for mankind.

Mr. Kestner says, "Many are deceived, although they belong to a
religious organization, and regularly participate in rituals approved
by man; they are ignorant of what the Bible teaches. The Bible
warns us many times about how the 'god of this world' would
attempt to deceive us. Sometimes brazenly, other times very subtly!"

His work brings clarity to Biblical passages that have often been misquoted and misunderstood,
indicating that the Bible really does reveal God's Plan in plain language for all to understand. His
book was written to encourage Christians to "study and meditate on God's Word, listen to the
Holy Spirit, and get to know God on His terms."

Readers will gain new insights into their Bible studies and of how the Bible reveals and explains
God's Plan for the end times.
About the Author

Clyde W. Kestner CLU - The earned initials following his name identify the conclusion of
his formal education. His semi-formal and informal education has continued throught his life
and encompasses many subjects. But, his true education, and the foundation for writing this
book can be summed up in the following verses, "taught by the Holy Spirit, and available to
all who want to know God's Plan."

Clyde W.
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