Deborah Dearing
About Gathered Blooms
By Deborah Dearing Khayat

2004 Edition
Hardbound with dust jacket; 110 pages; 7.5 x 10 Inches
ISBN: 0-9748730-7-1

Gathered Blooms is a book of romantic verse celebrating love with joyous fervency. The language and
verse forms evoke an earlier age when romantic love was cherished and esteemed. The poetry within
these pages offers a gratifying unity of feeling together with lyric grace and harmony.

The poetry is especially affecting if first read in sequence. By beginning with the expository “The
Bouquet” and ending with the elegiac “Do Not Weep,” the collection becomes a poetic chronicle of
burgeoning love that increases in intensity, duration, and reflection.

Accompanying the verses are highly evocative line drawings which portray the mood, message, or
metaphor. These illustrations, combined with luminous, beautifully constructed language, transport the
reader to a time and place where those in love unabashedly extolled its presence and exalted its effects.
About the Author

Deborah Dearing Khayat is a poet who shares her deeply felt
wonder at the mystic, timeless, and uplifting qualities of love.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is an
honors graduate of The Catholic University of America.
Deborah is a wife, mother, and homemaker who enjoys
reading, bridge, tennis, and gardening. She resides in
Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Eddie.

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