Miiya Carolyn
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About the Book
Ista Cante

Miiya Carolyn
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Westview, Inc.
About the Author

Miiya Carolyn Knoll has  been
involved in creative activities since
before she could read.  After
graduating from Texas Women's
University with a BS in Fine Art,
she attended the University of
Nevada, where she received a BA in
Advertising Journalism.  Her search
for a clearer understanding of her
own voice has led to studies of
many religious faiths, including
Native American and, most
recently, Sufism.  Her artwork,and
writings reflect her love of nature
and her spiritual quest to find, for
herself and the world, a sacred path
with heart.
Ista Cante is the story of a relationship between a child and a
hand sewn doll, created by her mother's loving hands.  The
girl and the doll, named Ista Cante, meaning "eye of the heart"
are close companions throughout the journey of childhood.  
Using her imagination and playing with Ista Cante, the girl
explores and grows into a young woman who has learned to
listen to and trust her intuition.  With a remarkable capability to
touch girls and  women of all ages, Ista Cante tells the story
on a variety of levels:  Children will find this book to be a
beautiful story about a child and her doll; teenagers will find in
it a parable about the value of intuition; and grown women
have wept at its moving portrayal of the relationship between
women of all generations and the mothers and grandmothers
who have come before.