About Disciple's Curse  
Paperback; 172 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches, $14.95
ISBN: 1-933912-08-1

"Anyone touching any of the skekels will die; anyone who possesses all thirty has the potential to rule the world..."

In Disciple's Curse, Will Prescott, an archeologist who heads the Munismatic division of the Smithsonian Institute,
has just discovered a forgotten bunker belonging to Adolf Hitler. The bunker contains many stolen relics and
among them are five mysterious ancient silver coins, called "shekels."

Will's research indicates that these are in fact five of an original thirty shekels, buried in hallowed ground by the
Apostle Paul in 49 A.D. They were hidden away to protect the world from an evil curse that had been placed on
the coins. After centuries at rest, the 30 shekels were disturbed and mysteriously removed from their depository.
Tracing their cursed trail shows that several historically well-known despots had tried to tap into their mystic
powers in their attempts to rule the world. Each of the ambitious leaders were denied world domination when the
shekels again mysteriously disappeared.

Now the question needs to be answered: "Who has the other twenty-five coins?"
About the Author

Ashton Lackey has been a teacher and tutor in
many subjects over the past fifteen years. He
earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in
Anthropology from Eckerd College, a Master
of Arts degree in Hispanic Literature from
Auburn University, and an Associate of Science
degree in Computer Information Systems from
Nashville State Technical Institute.

Ashton has taught Spanish classes at Auburn
University, Louisiana State University,
University of Kentucky, and Columbia State
Community College. He is currently the owner
of Learning Strategies, a local tutoring business.

Some of his favorite activities include
competitive swimming, running, metal
detecting, and short story writing. He is also a
history buff. Mr. Lackey currently resides in
Nashville, Tennessee.
                                      About Rare Gold

                                  Paperback; 168 pages; 6 x 9 inches, $14.95

                                               ISBN: 0-9764940-4-3
This is an exciting adventure story that takes you out on the high seas with ocean exploration, betrayal,
and ancient history, in search of a lost ship that carried the gold and treasures of Montezuma.
Thoroughly researched facts and cultural tidbits from the days of Cortez and Montezuma have been
carefully inserted into the story to provide a detailed look into the past. This clever blend of writing
provides an entertaining escape and imaginative read.

After Fernando Cortez's conquistadors looted Montezuma's possessions, Teudile, Montezuma's servant,
tried to secretly ship the last of their peoples treasure to Spain. The caravels were tragically lost a sea
and the hope of finding their location was an unsolvable mystery. That is, until Tony Carter stumbles
upon Teudile's diary, learning where the ships had come to rest on the sandy floor of the Caribbean.

Little did Tony know that he was not the only one interested in recovering the last of the Aztec gold.  

Ashton Lackey's
Books Are

Published by
Westview, Inc.
                               The Admiral's Signature

           Paperback, 190 Pages, ISBN 978-1-935271-53-6, List Price $13.95

   Dr. Pedro Calderon has a secret which has been guarded in his family for five-
hundred years- the Will of Christopher Columbus.   It contains the Navigator’s
enigmatic signature.  A former professor of  his, Dr. Emilio Caravel demands that
he give him the Will, because the signature indicates the location of fabulous gold
and Columbus’ own tomb.   
   With the aid of Nick Spear, a seasoned Coast Guard Officer, Adela, a female
Archeology graduate student from Spain, and Dr. Calderon’s own daughter, Maria,
the signature is deciphered into a map. But their problems have already begun as Dr.
Caravel tracks them from Pennsylvania to the Dominican Republic to find the
treasure before they do.