Sondra G.        
About the Book

It All Comes Back to Family
2009 Edition
Case Laminate, 6x9, 260 pages
ISBN 978-1-935271-01-7

Sondra Lee wrote this book as a gift for her extended
family.  The front cover photo is the "Culpepper
Sisters" of Phenix City, Alabama, about 1917.  The
sisters' names and ages att he time fo this photograph
were Elma, age 7, Mary, age 4, and Louise, age 9.
About the Author

Sondra Lee is a native of Nashville and spends the winter months in Vero Beach, Florida.  
She is married to Ted Lee and they are the parents of two sons, a daughter, and six
grandchildren.  Besides the grandchildren, her favorite hobbies are family research, sewing,
and jewelry making.

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Published by
Westview, Inc.
Sondra Lee and her dog Josephine (Jody)