Dr. Jay
About Jewish Community of Cuba
         The Golden Age - 1906-1958
by Dr. Jay Levinson

Perfect bound; 7 x 10 inches; 268 pages, 2006
ISBN: 0-9776207-0-0

Jewish Community of Cuba tells the story of Ashkenazim and Sephardim fleeing from
persecution abroad and finding refuge in Cuba, their trials and tribulations of adjusting to a
new country, and the building of a vibrant Jewish Community. The Cuban Jewish Community
grew from a parlor meeting of eleven Jews in 1906 to a network of
schools and synagogues throughout the country. This is a story of peddlers going from rags
to riches, Belgian refugees setting up a wartime diamond industry, and an American Mafioso
in search of respectability. While reading this book, you will experience the Cuban Jewish
Community in its Golden Age. This all came to an abrupt end in 1959, after the Revolution.

"It is not only well written, but filled with stories and facts that helped make my family’s
experiences there seem even more alive for me than before. Many thanks for your
contribution to my life (and genealogy research)."
           ~ Stephen Denker
About the Author

Jay Levinson, a retired civil servant and freelance writer, has published many
books and articles about his numerous travels in over 50 countries. He has
written extensively about Jewish sites and history. Levinson holds a Ph.D. from
New York University and is currently an adjunct professor at John Jay College.
In writing this book, Dr. Levinson conducted copious interviews, reviewed
documents in archives, referred to period newspapers, visited sites, and traipsed
through Cuban graveyards to search for information - even on tombstones.

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