About the Book

What's Wrong With the Girl Next Door?
         by Rachel Appleton McAuley

2006 Edition: 5 x 8 inches; 36 pages; Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1-933912-40-5

What’s Wrong With the Girl Next Door? tells the heartwarming story of three little girls – Emily, Hailey, and Mary –
who become best friends. Mary has Cerebral Palsy, which resulted from a lack of oxygen to her brain at birth. Due
to poor muscle tone and the lack of physical control, Mary cannot eat, walk, or talk like other little girls. As their
friendship grows, Emily and Hailey learn about responsibility and helping children with special needs and that there
really isn’t anything wrong with the girl next door.

"This book is a treasure and a must read for parents of special needs children and “typical' kids alike. As a
pediatrician and father of an autistic child, I plan on recommending this book to all my parents to assist them in
teaching their children that ALL kids are typical and special in their own unique way.”

                                                 William Stephen Johnson, MD, Tennessee Pediatrics, Hendersonville, TN

"This book was truly an inspiration and affected me in a way that no other book has. After reading it, I knew I had
to have it for my classroom.”

                        Karen Hall, Teacher and Member of the "Special Moms" group, Sumner County, Tennessee

“Special needs children get a voice through this children's book. [It] is unique in how it reaches into the heart and
mind of a child with Cerebral Palsy, as well as that of a "healthy" child, and brings them together in a way that
neither expects.”

                                                                                                                                 Erin Miller, Friend
About the Author

Rachel Appleton McAuley, a good ol’ southern girl from Tennessee, has been happily married for twelve years
and is raising three children as a stay at home mom. With two years experience working in special education in
Sumner County, Tennessee and playing several roles in the school system at this time, she has one more
accomplishment to add to her list of achievements… author. Mrs. McAuley has always enjoyed building doll
houses and toy boxes and now dreams about drawing like her high school art teacher and writing like her dad, a
retired newspaper journalist of 40 years.

Writing poems since she was a teenager and continually generating ideas for children’s books, she is now writing
motivational books for both children and parents. Her inspiration for these books comes from her two exceptional
sons and her special and unique daughter, who is now five years old with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, other
diagnoses, and a survivor of numerous successful surgeries.

Mrs. McAuley wants to share with others the many challenges that parents with special needs children live with
every day. She notes that positive and enduring benefits gained from these experiences are well worth the effort.
Going forward, she has assumed the role of educating all children about those with special needs through her fun
and loving stories.

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