About the Book

Potato Mountain - Trail Guide to Creative Cooking
                 by Brent McClun

2007 Edition: Perfect Bound;6 x 9 inches;136 pages
ISBN: 1-933912-72-3

This book is not simply about recipes - it also contains stories,
lessons, trivia, and more. Prior to each recipe, a relevant story
designed to encourage, inspire, or just entertain is presented. Later
in the book, these stories are replaced by Potato Mountain Creative
Cooking Tips. These tips are designed to help you broaden your
horizons in the kitchen. Following each story or creative cooking
tip, you will find brief trivia or information on the mountain after
which the potato dish is named. Then you will find basic
ingredients, and in most cases you will see two options . a
non-frying option and a fry option. This book is not so much about
recipes as it is teaching and encouraging you to find and to create
harmony in cooking.

Most cookbooks give you recipes. The Potato Mountain method is
designed to allow you to create recipes by learning to cook outside
the box. The Potato Mountain Creative Cooking methods are about
learning new ways of thinking and doing. These new ways of
thinking and doing will compliment things you already know and do
in the kitchen. This book is about becoming aware of the different
parts that make a great song - a song you can taste and a song
you'll want to sing over and over again. A song that will become a
favorite and that can be arranged in many different ways to the
enjoyment of all who hear it.  
About the Author

Brent McClun is a speaker, entertainer, musician, writer, composer, aspiring mountaineer
and wilderness traveler. He has worked as a youth pastor, worship leader, drama instructor,
business owner and creative living specialist and consultant. He has started and sold several
small businesses. Brent has been featured for his creativity in numerous magazines and
television shows including People, Chef, Cooking Light, Entrepreneur, Christian Science
Monitor, Kansas City Today Show, NBC Dateline and many others. He resides with his wife
and two four-legged children in Franklin, Tennessee...and he loves potatoes!

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