Jettie Manning
About Music in the Wind

“It has been my pleasure to read some of Dr. McWilliams’
poetry from her book, Music in the Wind. Many of her
poems display [the] idea of movement through music and
dance, bearing such titles as “Soaring Afar,” “Wings,”
“Dancing the Moonglow,” and “Run Forward Faster.”

The collection of peaceful inspiration found in this book
may reflect on one’s own experiences as well as in
attempting to understand one’s life in this world.”

E.D. Thompson
Author of four books, including
Nashville Nostalgia
About the Author

Dr. McWilliams is a retired Professor and psychologist from Northern Arizona University. She is the author
of more than fifty articles in professional journals and several chapters in books, and has given
presentations on her research throughout the United States and in four foreign countries: Amsterdam, The
Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; Kyoto, Japan; and Acapulco, Mexico. She has published short stories
(fiction), and is an award winning poet both nationally and internationally.

Jettie received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from Bluffton College, Ohio where she received her
teaching certificate. She was a Haggin Fellow at the University of Kentucky as a graduate student. She
taught High School English and Speech five years before she began her University teaching career at
Tennessee Technological University where she remained fifteen years before going to Northern Arizona

Dr. McWilliams’ poetry is a reflection of a lifetime of rich experiences in teaching, writing, and traveling
throughout the world. She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee near her beloved family.
Music in the Wind
By Dr. Jettie Manning McWilliams

2004 Edition: Hardbound with dust jacket; 124 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9755646-8-4

Life seems a journey through time, a gift of a small niche in a place and moment on this planet earth. Our experiences are varied, vast, and depend on
many factors: country where we live, culture, family, era of time, forces shaping our lives over which we may seem to have little control. Yet we all
share certain wonderful capabilities such as free will, and the power of thought. We approach each situation from our own vantage point, and
This book is a collection of poetry written since Dr. McWilliams retirement from university teaching. It is often a reflection and celebration of her own
life experiences, but at other times it is an attempt to understand and make sense of the tragedies and triumphs of real and imagined friends in both
today’s world and in the past. As I look back on this joyous, and sometimes tumultuous, journey certain moments and events take center stage.

“—— Poetry speaks for my spirit and my soul,
reflecting the images I behold in dreams.”

Jettie Manning
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Westview, Inc.