About the Book
A Horse Named Cracker Jack

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 84 pages
ISBN 978-1-935271-12-3

Donny Ellis was born and raised on a
Kentucky horse farm.  When a horse that
was expected do die at birth becomes his
best friend, he finally feels like his dreams
of becoming a professional jockey are
starting to come true.  With a few twists
and turns, he finally learns that big things
can come in a small package.

    About the Author

    Paul Merritt was born and raised in Owensboro,
    Kentucky.  He is married with three children.
    He lives in the city with his feet in the country.

Paul Merritt's
Books Are

Published by
Westview, Inc.

       A Trophy Without a Face

         Paperback 5.5x8.5
         978-1-935271-38-3  $10.00

         In “A Trophy Without a Face,” author Paul Merritt gives a poignant
account of his older brother’s days as a young baseball talent. Told from his
perspective as a child, Merritt’s story conjures up various images of youth and
summer fun, all the while reflecting a deep love and respect for his brother.
         Tracing Curtis Merritt’s evolution from a boy to a young adult, the
book recounts his athletic trials and triumphs, such as a broken ankle, the
transition to playing “high school ball,” and the multiple awards he receives for
his stellar performance. But Merritt also brings the reader along as Curtis
experiences the more personal challenges of growing up, from becoming a
teenager, to meeting and breaking up with his high school sweetheart, to
losing his way in life after graduation.
         But besides being an accessible coming-of-age story, “A Trophy
Without a Face” is a touching testament to the hero-worship with which a
little boy—or even a grown man—views his older brother, with the title
referring to a gift the author gave his brother in honor of his baseball days,
years after they’d grown up.
The One That Got Away
ISBN 978-1-935271-64-2
5x8, 85 pages, $10.00

Although Paul Merritt grew up hunting deer, the one
that changed his life forever was not one that he shot.
 It was the one that got away.
The Treasure Hunt
ISBN 978-1-935271-79-6
5.5x8.5, 84 pages, paperback

A young man goes on an adventure to
find gold and treasure, but in the end he
finds something much better.  He finds